Serving Immigrants and Refugees since 1921

Nationalities Service Center (NSC) is a non-profit organization that provides social, educational and legal services to immigrants and refugees in the Greater Philadelphia area. Our strength lies in the diversity of our clients and services. Since NSC’s founding in 1921, our mission has been to help immigrants and refugees participate fully in American society.

Our Stories

2014 Annual Appeal



I am delighted to extend the warmest holiday greetings from your friends at Nationalities Service Center (NSC). It is such a privilege to count so many of you as supporters who appreciate NSC’s work to serve, defend and empower more than 5,000 men, women and children from over 100 countries annually.

NSC is the largest, secular provider of legal, resettlement and language access programs to refugees and immigrants in the Greater Philadelphia region. Those of you that know us well have seen that our lobby area rivals that of the United Nations in terms of its extraordinary breadth of humanity. Our clients are people just like us. They have families that they are trying to raise with dignity and a sense of purpose. Love of family, hope for the future and a desire to provide a better life for the next generation—these core values speak to our common humanity and connect us all, regardless of our cultural differences.

We are grateful for Jean-Pierre and his wife Annonciata, who fled unimaginable violence in their home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo to spend 18 years in a refugee camp in Rwanda. They arrived with their five beautiful children in the United States, and now Jean-Pierre and Annonciata are working ’step by step’ to make Philadelphia their new home. I am so appreciative that Jean-Pierre and Annonciata agreed to share their inspirational story of survival and resilience with all of us, and I look forward to sharing it with you in the days to come. Read more here!